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[LQ] feat. Kiera King - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Kiera King - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 07/02/2013
Cast: Kiera King
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Kiera King's shower time is met with a huge black cock. Kiera's washing down a body that was built to please the black man and the black man ONLY. Kiera shoots water up a pussy that's soon going to be stuffed full of huge black cock. The busty slut soon finds a big black cock stuffing her throat. Kiera King's lipstick slowly coats Jovan Jordan's

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[LQ] feat. Tia Gunn and Angel Cakes - WatchingMymomGoBlack[LQ] feat. Tia Gunn and Angel Cakes - WatchingMymomGoBlack

Released: 07/08/2011
Cast: Tia Gunn and Angel Cakes
Studio: WatchingMymomGoBlack

Some parents just won't cut that umbilical cord no matter the age. Angel Cakes is spending her afternoon playing tonsil hockey with her boyfriend, Flash Brown. Angel thinks she's alone but mom, Tia Gunn, is watching her daughter doing the unthinkable by locking lips with man of the ebony persuasion. Tia's scornful wrath results in Angel leaving

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[LQ]feat. Remy LaCroix - InterracialBlowBang[LQ]feat. Remy LaCroix - InterracialBlowBang

Released: 04/27/2013
Cast: Remy LaCroix
Studio: InterracialBlowBang

You've seen Remy LaCroix service the black man o our network before, but she's back to step up her game. Remy's return could only mean that her thirst for black cock was merely teased and not completely quenched. How about we throw nearly a dozen big black cocks for her disposal? Yeah. That sounds about right, and Remy's down for the challenge.

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Feb 23, 2017
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[LQ]feat. Nadia Jay - CumBang[LQ]feat. Nadia Jay - CumBang

Released: 09/01/2015
Cast: Nadia Jay
Studio: CumBang

Turn your head and cough. I'm sure you've heard that one before. I bet you haven't lined up in a room with a bunch of other men. These poor guys work for one of the cheapest corporations of all time; in fact, it's so cheap, they're conducting physicals on 8 men at a time to make it "cost effective". Another cost-cutting procedure includes hiring a

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[LQ] feat. Vanessa Naughty - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Vanessa Naughty - CuckoldSessions

Released: 06/10/2010
Cast: Vanessa Naughty
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Cuckold boy Chip is back again, this time with a new girlfriend, Vanessa. They're out at a sidewalk cafe when Chip is spotted by Shane Diesel, who remembered him from the encounter they had with his old girlfriend, Cameron. Shane informs Vanessa that her new boyfriend is actually a cuckold, which she doesn't understand, but Shane is only too happy

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[LQ] feat. Teri Weigel - WatchingMymomGoBlack[LQ] feat. Teri Weigel - WatchingMymomGoBlack

Released: 01/19/2010
Cast: Teri Weigel
Studio: WatchingMymomGoBlack

My boy and I have a business arrangement where we loan stupid white boys money they can't get from banks. Today's mark couldn't get the cash together to pay me and my boy back. The interest rate alone was high enough let alone the money we lent him. We took him back to his mamma's house so he could say goodbye to her before we carved him up. Back

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[LQ] feat. Kerry Raven - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Kerry Raven - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 05/17/2016
Cast: Kerry Raven
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

It's a beautiful day in Budapest, and the two-man team representing Dogfart -- Isiah Maxwell and JonJon -- are checking in to their accommodations. It's a beautiful house outside of the city center, and what's even more beautiful is their hostess, Kerry Raven. Once Kerry gives them a brief tour of their new digs in Budapest, it's off to the sofa

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[LQ] feat. Kerry Louise - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Kerry Louise - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 08/15/2011
Cast: Kerry Louise
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Kerry Louise is retiring her pussy from cock on camera,and she's giving us her final curtain call. We booked Kerry Louise for her final boy/girl scene with a surprise.......12 inches of the legendary Shane Diesel. Kerry's final scene is an interracial sexathon that renders her cunt useless for future cocks. Kerry didn't want no "love making" and

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[LQ] feat. Valentina Nappi - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Valentina Nappi - CuckoldSessions

Released: 03/10/2014
Cast: Valentina Nappi
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Valentina Nappi is a foreign exchange student whose being hosted by Kade and his family. Kade is quick to discover that Valentina is fucking her African-American Studies professor, much to the dismay of Kade. We find Professor Diesel in his study as Kade barges in and demands answers-that's a huge blunder on the part of the gutsy white boy.