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[SD] feat. Evie Delatosso - BlacksOnBlondes[SD] feat. Evie Delatosso - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 06/25/2007
Cast: Evie Delatosso
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

How about a spicy taco for this week's treat! That's right, we have a Spanish babe with a jalapeno pussy that loves nothing more than to get fucked senseless by 2 huge black burritos! Evie is a Mexican cutie with some big natural funbags, and an iron-clad pussy that can take a pounding, and still want more. This is one of the most intense fucking

By Wolfie in Black & White / BDSM & Femdom
[LQ] feat. Jada Stevens - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Jada Stevens - CuckoldSessions

Released: 02/07/2016
Cast: Jada Stevens
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Degenerate gambler Jesse owns a bar, and he's about to get shaken down for the money he owes The Man. His girlfriend Jada is his barkeep, so she gets to deal with the Hired Guns -- Sean Michaels and his understudy Isiah Maxwell -- when they first walk into Jesse's joint. They're here for the 30 Large, and they're going to do whatever it takes to

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[LQ] feat. Amanda Blue - GloryHole[LQ] feat. Amanda Blue - GloryHole

Released: 07/21/2008
Cast: Amanda Blue
Studio: GloryHole

Amanda Blue (aka Vanessa Vexxx) had a bad feeling about this bathroom stall from the moment she walked in. Normally nature calls when she's in the safety of her home. The need for her to drain her bladder disappeared the moment she read the immature and dirty writing on the walls. The thing that really caught her attention was the hole in the wall

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[LQ] feat. Alana Evans and Miss Dallas - WatchingMymomGoBlack[LQ] feat. Alana Evans and Miss Dallas - WatchingMymomGoBlack

Released: 09/06/2014
Cast: Alana Evans and Miss Dallas
Studio: WatchingMymomGoBlack

Miss Dallas is the step-daughter of Alana Evans. Even though she's an adult,Miss Dallas still has to deal with Alana's constant nagging and complaining. Miss Dallas was supposed to be hitting the books hard in Community College. However, the blonde slut is now in bed with her first black guy. Things take an interesting turn when Alana walks in on

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[LQ] feat. Ivy Winters - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Ivy Winters - CuckoldSessions

Released: 10/06/2011
Cast: Ivy Winters
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Being a cuckold isn't a part time deal; it's a lifestyle for this older submissive gentleman. There's nothing this subhuman won't do for his wife and Dr. Ivy Winters is trying to get inside his head. The male chastity belt and his willingness to watch his wife fuck other guys is enough to make Ivy drool at the possibilities. Ivy smothers him with

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[LQ] feat. Eva Angelina - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Eva Angelina - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 02/16/2016
Cast: Eva Angelina
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Eva Angelina has worked her ass off and invested all the money she made on the feature dancing circuit for one thing -- her own dance studio. She's got it all, too: beautiful hardwood floors, huge mirrors, and poles to practice. The only thing she needs are customers, and she's discovering how difficult being an entrepreneur really can be. Which

By Wolfie in Clips / Black & White
[SD] feat. Estelle - BlacksOnBlondes[SD] feat. Estelle - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 01/30/2006
Cast: Estelle
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Estelle is the latest in a historic line of tall blond Brits that crossed the Atlantic to show us what absolute sluts the English girls can be. This scene starts out from a voyeur's perspective, like Estelle is your wife, and you are watching her get serviced by Ace, and the pride of his toolshed, his long pointed spade! He works her up with a