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[LQ] feat. Kylie Worthy - BlacksOnCougars[LQ] feat. Kylie Worthy - BlacksOnCougars

Released: 12/25/2009
Cast: Kylie Worthy
Studio: BlacksOnCougars

I'm so shy and embarrassed to be walking outside looking like a little Cougar slut. I mean, the younger girls do it and they seem to attract black cocks 24/7 so it's gotta work for a cougar like me, right? I prowled near the hospital and encountered two young black men once of whom was still wearing his scrubs. With my huge tits busting out of its

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[SD] feat. Jessica Jammer - BlacksOnBlondes[SD] feat. Jessica Jammer - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 03/13/2006
Cast: Jessica Jammer
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Jessica Jammer fits the very description of this site, and we were proud to have her stop by so our boys could taint her. Jessica's an All-American girl, waifish, loves to hang out with friend and chat on the phone, and like all white girls she's been very black-curious since she realized boys pack heat in their trousers. Today 2 of our Bulls make

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[LQ] feat. Honey White - WatchingMymomGoBlack[LQ] feat. Honey White - WatchingMymomGoBlack

Released: 08/11/2009
Cast: Honey White
Studio: WatchingMymomGoBlack

I hate it when I gotta chase down my money. Honey White's son was at his job (obviously not working to pay me back) when my crew and I rolled up on him. He didn't have any cash on him and we soon roughed him up a bit before Ice Cold thought of fucking his mom instead of getting our cash. She was shocked to hear that, but she's into interracial sex

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[LQ] feat. Missy Maze - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Missy Maze - CuckoldSessions

Released: 05/12/2011
Cast: Missy Maze
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Missy Maze is the kind of wife that's willing to dive into any fantasy her husband can imagine. When we meet up with them Missy's guy is going into great detail about his love of being a cuckold and the addition of a big ,black cock would be the cherry on top. Flash Brown is shooting hoops when he offers up his immeasurable black cock for Missy's

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[LQ]feat. Cameron Love - InterracialBlowBang[LQ]feat. Cameron Love - InterracialBlowBang

Released: 03/26/2009
Cast: Cameron Love
Studio: InterracialBlowBang

Brother Lefty has gone into detail about his unfortunate dealings with the a honky. Needless to say it didn't turn out well and that's today's sermon. Unlike Church there won't be any collection plate but we do have a white whore who will be collecting as much black dick as we can throw at her. Her name is Cameron Love and she's in love, absolute

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[LQ]feat. Mocha Menage - WeFuckBlackGirls[LQ]feat. Mocha Menage - WeFuckBlackGirls

Released: 11/09/2015
Cast: Mocha Menage
Studio: WeFuckBlackGirls

Since it's the end of the summer, why not see it with a pool party? That was one of the reasons Mocha Menage is celebrating. The other? She's a white cock slut, so at a Mocha Menage pool party, there's no couples, no girls, and no black dudes. A Mocha Menage party means whites only, and dudes at that. Today Mocha's invited five of her friends

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[SD] feat. Bobbi Starr - GloryHole[SD] feat. Bobbi Starr - GloryHole

Released: 06/04/2007
Cast: Bobbi Starr
Studio: GloryHole

Look for Bobbi Starr in the new Blockbuster Hollywood film "Drive". Bobbi Starr has plunked down some hard earned money for bragging rights. She's going to tell all her girlfriends about the day she went to an adult arcade only to end up 8 ounces heavier. They're going to call "bullshit" when Bobbi tells them that the interracial porn on display

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[LQ] feat. Jessi Stone - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Jessi Stone - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 11/23/2009
Cast: Jessi Stone
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

As this scene opens, we find blonde babe Jessi hanging out with her white boyfriend and his cracker buddies. Jessi informs them that she met two cool new guys and has invited them over to party. What she neglected to mention was that they were both coal black, and probably have more dick than the lot of them combined. When our ebony duo arrives,

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[LQ]feat. Candice Nicole - CumBang[LQ]feat. Candice Nicole - CumBang

Released: 08/28/2009
Cast: Candice Nicole
Studio: CumBang

Black man Lucky Starr should change his name to "Fucked beyond repair." Ebony hottie Candice Nicole has caught this sly brotha by snooping through his cell phone. To add insult to injury he's been dipping his black cock into some white pussy and Candice just won't have that. Her cheating black boyfriend had the taste slapped out of his mouth and

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[LQ] feat. Kylie Ireland - BlacksOnCougars[LQ] feat. Kylie Ireland - BlacksOnCougars

Released: 09/18/2009
Cast: Kylie Ireland
Studio: BlacksOnCougars

Older guys are ok if you want a sugar daddy who lasts for thirty seconds, rolls over, and falls asleep. I'm not playing that game anymore and that's why my milf pussy should have a label reading, "For young black cock only." I have to play it safe so my nightly Cougar prowls have to be quick because my MILF pussy can't be void of black dick or