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[LQ] feat. Lexi Lowe - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Lexi Lowe - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 03/29/2016
Cast: Lexi Lowe
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Dogfart is everywhere! Just ask Rico Strong. Rico and his pals are at the adult store, where they love to check out the latest Dogfart DVDs! "I'm sorry, there's nothing by Dogfart here!" says the beautiful blonde behind the counter. Her name is Lexi Lowe, and Rico knows better than Lexi. He's so confident, in fact, he makes a bet with Lexi --

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[LQ]feat. Charlotte Vale & Marie Luv - ZebraGirls[LQ]feat. Charlotte Vale & Marie Luv - ZebraGirls

Released: 07/07/2012
Cast: Charlotte Vale
Studio: ZebraGirls

I don't know what was going through my mind as I was going through Marie Luv's purse. She's my best friend whose trust I broke by looking through her personal items. I found some sex toys, her credit cards, and a phone but the sex toys shocked me the most. She caught me red handed but didn't call the "pohlice", as black people like to call them.

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[SD]feat. Ace and Jayma - KatieThomas[SD]feat. Ace and Jayma - KatieThomas

Released: 01/08/2012
Cast: Ace and Jayma
Studio: KatieThomas

Oh boy! What a fun time we had here. I know you guys recognize Ace, but you may not know my pal Jayma. She's darn cute too. Jayma and I like a lot of the same things. Justin Timberlake, Gucci and some big black dick. So when I told Jayma that Ace was coming over to fuck me, she begged me to let her come over. So I said OK! I don't know what it is

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[LQ]feat. Chantell Merino - InterracialPickups[LQ]feat. Chantell Merino - InterracialPickups

Released: 09/22/2009
Cast: Chantell Merino
Studio: InterracialPickups

This busty blonde was a keeper. My favorite site,, features white girls who look like Chentell Merino doing freaky shit with one or more big black dicks. I wanted her name added to my roster of personal white fucktoys since this bitch was slammin! I just had to get her naked for some dirty pictures but she had this innocence

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[LQ]feat. Chayse Evans - WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack[LQ]feat. Chayse Evans - WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack

Released: 11/03/2011
Cast: Chayse Evans
Studio: WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack

Growing up all those years around my dad has made me resent him more and more. It's a wonder mom even spread her legs long enough for him so I could end up in this world. It's gotten to the point where therapy is our last resort before I blow his brains out. Our therapy session started off boring but somehow ended with me draining the biggest

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[LQ]feat. Yasmine De Leon - CumBang[LQ]feat. Yasmine De Leon - CumBang

Released: 01/14/2013
Cast: Yasmine De Leon
Studio: CumBang

The Cumbangers are none too pleased that Obama has another 4 years of "fucking up this country." How do you spell revenge? Well, it seems as if taking out their aggression on a Michelle Obama look-alike is in order. Yasmine De Leon fits that bill. The Cumbangers take their place and Yasmine (looking like the First Lady), gets to work by sucking

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[SD]feat. Blaze & Barbara Summer - ZebraGirls[SD]feat. Blaze & Barbara Summer - ZebraGirls

Released: 09/03/2011
Cast: Blaze
Studio: ZebraGirls

Barbera Summers is white, has titties to die for,an ass you can bounce a quarter off of, and a date with me, Blaze. There's going to be no love making or candlelit dinners on this date. Tonight, this German import is going to meet my black strap on and I and it's going to get rought and dirty. I had to ease her in and make sure she wouldn't have

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[SD]feat. Aaliyah Jolie - KatieThomas[SD]feat. Aaliyah Jolie - KatieThomas

Released: 12/01/2013
Cast: Aaliyah Jolie
Studio: KatieThomas

My friend Aaliyah Jolie is such a dirty whore! I like her. Aaliyah is one of my bestest friends, and tomorrow is her birthday, so I'm going to share some black cock with her as an early birthday present. That's the best gift in the world if you ask me :) She's such a great cocksucker