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[LQ] feat. Britney Young - GloryHole[LQ] feat. Britney Young - GloryHole

Released: 11/24/2012
Cast: Britney Young
Studio: GloryHole

Daddy's little princess is not too happy about having to use this public restroom. Britney Young's look of disgust at all the graffiti says it all. The only thing on her mind is getting in and getting out as soon as possible. However, the sudden appearance of three black cocks puts a hold on her plans and it's now time for some anonymous fucking.

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Feb 22, 2017
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[LQ]feat. Courtney Fox - CumBang[LQ]feat. Courtney Fox - CumBang

Released: 03/12/2010
Cast: Courtney Fox
Studio: CumBang

The journey Courtney Fox took from the therapist's office to the Cumbang is an interesting one. She was having trouble sleeping when it was revealed that her black boyfriend had been sticking his meaty member into the vulvas of white girls. Much like Tiger Woods there would be a woman hurt by infidelity and the road to recovery could be a long one

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[LQ] feat. Nicole Moore - BlacksOnCougars[LQ] feat. Nicole Moore - BlacksOnCougars

Released: 02/26/2010
Cast: Nicole Moore
Studio: BlacksOnCougars

Let me tell you all an interesting story. I went to Charlie and Ice's house for our weekly meeting since they're both on parole. It's my job to make sure these fine young black guys aren't up to no good and on the straight and narrow. They flaked on me so I almost had them sent back to jail when I used a little blackmail on them. You see, if they

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[LQ] feat. Jodi Taylor - BlacksOnBlondes[LQ] feat. Jodi Taylor - BlacksOnBlondes

Released: 06/07/2013
Cast: Jodi Taylor
Studio: BlacksOnBlondes

Jodi Taylor's ass has already been penetrated and there's no going back to an average sex life for her. Charlie Mac is lending his ear to Jodi's issues and it's not too long before their friendship test some rocky waters. Jodi's infatuation with anal sex has lead her to getting a huge black one jammed right up her ass. Charlie risks losing Jodi's

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[LQ] feat. Jordan Blue - WatchingMymomGoBlack[LQ] feat. Jordan Blue - WatchingMymomGoBlack

Released: 12/29/2009
Cast: Jordan Blue
Studio: WatchingMymomGoBlack

Jordan Blue's son thought he could skip on a gambling debt with me. He owes my crew and I $5000 for games that just didn't go his way. It was time to collect so Justin Long, Ice Cold, and I found his punk ass and he tried weasling his way out of paying us our scratch. He said he had some money back home so we took him back there only to find his

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[LQ] feat. Nika Noire - CuckoldSessions[LQ] feat. Nika Noire - CuckoldSessions

Released: 12/16/2010
Cast: Nika Noire
Studio: CuckoldSessions

Class is in session with Professor Michaels and bottom feeder, Chip. We begin things off with Chip opening a mouth to Professor Michaels and his tardiness. Instead of sinking to a cuckold's level, the Professor -along with heavy chested, Nika Noire- decides to have Chip attend a class in where Sean proves why white cocks just don't,um, measure up.

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[LQ]feat. Priya Price - WeFuckBlackGirls[LQ]feat. Priya Price - WeFuckBlackGirls

Released: 02/22/2016
Cast: Priya Price
Studio: WeFuckBlackGirls

Inmate #1427 -- Priya Price -- is a real handful. Demanding. If she's not yelling for the guard about food, she's yelling about blankets. If not blankets, she's screaming about the toilet. A real pain in the ass. Prison Guard Strokes has been eyeing Price's enormous titties through all her ranting and raving, and now he's about to take some

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[SD] Tied To The Sex Chair - feat. Emily Marilyn,Mina Meow, - Inescapable Bondage[SD] Tied To The Sex Chair - feat. Emily Marilyn,Mina Meow, - Inescapable Bondage

Released: 20??
Cast: Emily Marilyn,Mina Meow,
Studio: Inescapable Bondage

Miss Mina Meow walks in to find Emily Marilyn bent over and tied up. With her perfect ass in the air, Miss Mina spends time spanking Emily while she's in bondage. After warming Emily Marilyn up with a flogger, Miss Mina Meow gives her a good crop spanking. With her feet bound and available, Miss Mina spanks Emily's feet before playing with Emily